embody dance workshop 2019

Em(body) dance project is committed to empowering young dancers to tell their own unique stories. Our dancers and choreographers work directly with students through out the Bay Area to hone their skills as dancers and make them capable story tellers. Our workshops include classes in contemporary and/or modern dance, contemporary ballet, improvisation, and em(body) repertoire.  For information on our latest projects see below or email at embodydance@comcast.net

Upcoming Workshops

em(body) dance project's  Contemporary Dance Workshop is August 16th- 18th from 1-4 pm PST
You will have the option to take the workshop in person or online via zoom. 

To register email directors@embodydanceproject.org, Subject:Workshop

Workshop designed for intermediate & advanced dancers
 11 years and older. 

There will be two classes per day with a break in between. The first class is 1-2:30 second class will be from 2:45-4 pm. See class schedule below. 

Prices $15/class     $30/day (2 classes)   $75 for full workshop, $100 for full workshop and embody t-shirt

The schedule will be as follows (subject to change):

Contemporary Class
em(body) Repertoire

Modern Class

Contemporary Class
em(body) Repertoire