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Truth and Light KA 9.jpg

The Truth and the Light

Premiered March 2020

Choregraphy by Vinnie Jones

Music by Ezio Bosso, Goblin, Max Richter & Grace Davidson, The Irrepressibles.

Duration 16 Minutes, Three Dancers

Sometimes you need to venture in to the darkness to find the light. This stunning work by Vinnie Jones features experimental light sources, intricate partnering and emotional dancing. The pieces asks questions about truth and where we can find it. 

Courage, Soldier

Premiered July 2019

Choregraphy by Naomi Sailors

Music by Shawn Colvin, Bill Withers, James Taylor & Max Richter

Duration 16 Minutes, Six Dancers

A young soldier goes off to war, leaving behind the comfort of people who love her. Naomi Sailors' piece tells the story of the human relationships and courage, and the people who are willing to fight to protect the ones they love. 

Embody KA 9.jpg

Les Belles

Premiered July 2019

Choregraphy by Vinnie Jones

Music by DakhaBrakha, Dirk Maassen & Dirk Mallwitz, Amon Tobin, Ben Chatwin & A Winged Victory for the Sullen

Duration: 20 Minutes, Five Dancers

Les Belles pulls apart the narratives and experiences around the word "Pretty". Choreographer Vinnie Jones takes the audience on a journey of movement from the formless to the meticulously arranged and beautified. The dancers change from being blank slates to hyper feminized, and then somewhere in between. Visually stunning costumes and honest performances by the artists make an strong impact on those that see it. 

Toni 25.jpeg


Premiered July 2019

Choregraphy by Vinnie Jones

Music by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Duration- 4 minutes, Two Dancers

Planting a seed, taking space and growing. This quietly beautiful duet see two dancers intertwining and expanding in to the space. Growing from the small and humble to the tall and mighty. 

Cycle KA.jpg


Choreography: Charlotte Keefe


Music: Nils Frahm

Duration- 6 minutes, One Dancer


Charlotte Keefe's captivating solo explores the concept of identity with the roles placed on her gender. What does it mean to be a woman and how does that compare with being herself? With powerful and expressive dancing the audience can watch the layers slowly get peeled away. 

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